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Buildings Custom Engineered for You

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Three Generations of Experience

Our family-owned business has specialized in creating custom designed, pre-engineered steel buildings over three generations. We pride ourselves on excellence in design and production, and are proud to have served clients throughout the United States.

Agricultural Buildings
Hangars & Sporting Facilities
Equestrian Barns & Arenas
Commercial Buildings
Churches & More

State of the Art Technology

We use state of the art technology to ensure code compliance while designing buildings that are economically feasible. Your budget is always respected while we work to achieve your vision.

The Hornet Steel Building Story

Knowledge, experience, technology…..what do all 3 of these things have to do with our business? Well, at Hornet Steel Buildings, all three are vital to our goal to provide our customer’s a quality building at an economical price.

Knowledge - The staff and employees of Hornet Steel Building have the knowledge required to “talk” metal buildings. Our staff (having diverse backgrounds and knowledge basis) have the ability to ensure that what our customer wants, will “work.”

Experience - Our experience at Hornet Steel Buildings allows us to ensure the workability of projects. Our sales staff has a working background of the manufacturing process which provides them with a more visual approach to the metal building design. Our engineering department, also with a working background in the manufacturing process, have the ability to ensure that what “works” on paper will work in the field.

Technology - Our use of a specialized computer aided design program for pre-engineered metal buildings, our computer-aided cutting system, and the vast other computer based programs and utilities used throughout our company help ensure the competence of our knowledge and experience.

Hornet Steel Buildings obtained our manufacturing facility in 2012, and although we are a “young” company in this aspect, the above shows us to be a very “old” company.   Our company management team, comprised of owner Britt Mainor, vice president Beau Daniel Sinclair and managers Blake Mainor and Brandon Mainor, have made it our goal and policy to provide our customers with the best metal building packages at an economical cost.

Beau Daniel has over fifteen years and our president, Britt, has over twenty five years of experience in the pre-engineered metal building industry. Our key personnel have many years of experience in pre-engineered metal buildings.

To further our endeavors to provide such buildings, we have implemented and followed the necessary processes and procedures required for extensive quality control efforts.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers, and are proud of our accomplishments thus far; and our vision is to exceed those accomplishments in the future.

Our customers come first.

Customer service isn't just a slogan to us—putting you first is the way we do business. We've been blessed to work with families for residential needs like workshops and storage units, farmers who need agricultural buildings and regional corporations with large-scale needs. No matter who you are, your business is important us.

Great people to do business with. A good Christian company that strives to provide fair and honest customer service.

- Glenn

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