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Typical Sizes

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What is a typical steel building size?

There is no standard size! Every building we design is fabricated specifically for the customer. While we serve many clients who need workshops or storage units, we also have many customers with 50,000 to100,000sf or larger buildings. Our customers stretch across the U.S.

Determining your needs

Whether you are building a produce packing facility, storing vintage automobiles or constructing a welding shop, your needs are unique. The good news is, with pre-engineered buildings, you have unlimited options. 

Our sales team will be happy to help you figure out the right size for your needs.

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Who we work with

Hornet Steel Buildings works with contractors, farmers, investors and companies on the customization of pre-engineered metal buildings. Whether your needs are residential, industrial or commercial, we can help you with a custom design engineered to meet your unique needs within your budget.

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