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Pricing Pre-engineered Metal Buildings

What does the average steel building cost?

The average pre-engineered metal building runs from $9 per square foot to more than $50 per square foot for the building kit alone. Many factors determine the actual cost of a building, and these factors are decided during the design process. Your needs are unique, and Hornet Steel Buildings team is experienced in helping you find cost effective ways to build exactly what you need.

Metallic Texture

What factors affect cost?

There are many factors aside from square footage that can affect the cost of a metal building. For example, a 1,200sf metal building that is 10' tall will require less material than one that is 20' tall—double the height! In addition to height, other factors like bay spacing, bracing, local codes & snow loads, and roof pitch can affect cost greatly.

Get a metal building quote.


We're competitive and we put our customers first! Whether you're starting from scratch or comparing quotes, we'd love to have the opportunity to create a customized quote for you. 

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